Shoe Review: Brooks Transcend 2

The Brooks Transcend 2 sports shoe is one of the best shoes I have ever worn.

brooks shoes 2This is my do everything, go anywhere, won’t wear anything else shoe (unless I’m playing basketball)! I bought this shoe for running and for the gym but I find myself wearing them for everyday use because of how comfortable they are. I was really hesitant to get this shoe because it looked bulky, but they are lighter than I expected. Even though the shoe is durable and sturdy, the overall feel of the shoe is softness and comfort. This shoe is so light and yet so cushioned, I don’t want to wear any other shoes.

And these shoes feel so heavenly on my feet, sometimes I forget that I even have shoes on.

From the get-go, they were a near perfect fit, including my orthotics. Brooks knows how to make a quality shoe for those of us who need a little something extra and I’m someone who needs that little extra support (I have flat feet), and this shoe provides the stability for my unique gait and movement mechanics.  

I have yet to roll an ankle (which I seem to always do). I believe wearing these shoes have prevented running injuries that I experienced before using them for my runs.

I have not had the hip and knee issues that have plagued me in the past when I was wearing other running shoes. They are perfect for long distances and on the road, track, and even some trails. I love them for my long runs because I feel like the stability and cushioning really help me push through the long miles, especially when my running style gets lazy when I’m starting to run out of steam. Brooks recently released the Transcend 3.

I’m looking forward to giving them a try.  It will be hard to convince me that they could be any better than my beloved Transcend 2s!!

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