Air Jordan Retro 12s: Our Review

Michael Jordan may have very well been the best basketball player of all time.

According to, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever. 

And with that great success on the court, comes incredible success of the court.

The Jordan Brand of shoes and clothes have been unbelievable successful.

30 years after their inception they are still successful. And Michael Jordan still made $100M Last year.

That being said, we wanted to review one of his shoes, the Air Jordan Retro 12

Air Jordan Retro 12: Our Review


air jordan retro 12
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The Air Jordan Retro 12’s are a great shoe for basketball and to wear around. Our editor found them very comfortable to not only play basketball in, but to wear to work for a few days. His report was not one of pain and complaining, but actually having his feet feel good at the end of the day.


The pricing on¬†runs from $350-$650. Obviously that’s a bit expensive for most people. But if you want to invest in a really high quality shoe that a lot of people will turn their heads at and give you some respect, this is one of those shoes to do it.


Like we said in the previous section, our editor wore them for a few games of basketball. A few games into breaking them in, he’s still doing fine. They function well and seem like they’re going to last a while, which is great because they did cost almost $600 after all.

I’d say that these shoes are probably a step above some of the other Jordan Brands we’ve worn, but nonetheless are a great shoe.

Overall Rating

Overall, we gave these shoes a 4.3 star out of 5. The only problem is they are a little bit heavy, and that can be a problem if you’re trying to ball out. So just make sure you take that into consideration when purchasing them.



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